Our Vision :

The Fashion Art stands for well priced Imported/Western/handcrafted fashion, offered in contemporary silhouettes with an Indian sensibility.

Since 12 months when the first Fashion Art store opened in Ahmedabad, Fashion Art has created a distinct saying in its designs and a unique identity for itself. Fashion Art was one of the first 'designer' labels in the city, which while drawing upon the Indian heritage in textiles/Jewelry also reflected a very contemporary sensibility in the design of its fabrics and clothing for women.

Even as the main business of Fashion Art has been to design and produce a range of clothing/jewelry/purse/ornaments for its retail outlets catering to an urban market, the underlying concern has always been with the diverse traditions of fabric making and embellishing in Ahmedabad. It has strived to work with crafts people towards improving their crafts, building upon their skills and knowledge by suggesting contemporary design directions and providing a market for their produce. In the process, Fashion Art has played a modest role in rejuvenating many dying traditional crafts.

At Fashion Art, craft is not treated like fashion novelty to be forgotten when not in vogue. The attempt has been to constantly find new design directions for the same crafts. It is a design challenge to innovate and continue working with craft communities with which working relationships have been built over the last 1 year. Today this network of many hundred crafts people from the base for our creations. We at Fashion Art are committed to improving the quality of the craft techniques and encourage the younger generation to continue pursuing their craft tradition also.

Fashion Art works with handloom or hand crafted (hand woven, block printed, purse, Ornaments & dye work) textiles. All textiles are designed at our design studio and produced by very skilled traditional craftspeople from all over the town including in all over city of Ahmedabad. Clothes are designed and produced at the Fashion Art workshop in Ahmedabad. Intricate embellishments, hand embroidery, mookesh work and appliqué is done by a large number of traditional craft people in and around Ahmedabad.